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The steps for getting a site published on people.jmu.edu are:

Publishing Files to people.jmu.edu from FrontPage

  • With your web files open in FrontPage, click File then Publish Web.
  • In the Publish Destination window, type http://people.jmu.edu/<your e-ID> and click OK.
  • In the Connect to web.jmu.edu window, type <your e-ID>@jmu.edu (Windows XP) or JMUAD\<your e-ID> (Windows 2000) in the User name field and your e-ID password in the Password field. Click OK.
  • Click Publish to put the files on the server.

**Hint: You may also edit your site by setting up a Network Place in My Network Places that connects to your Web Folder. 

Additional information can be found in the web publishing resources guide.


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