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This web server has Microsoft FrontPage Server extensions enabled and is available to faculty and staff to publish personal (noncommercial) web pages. Examples of web content published here are:

  • Course information, notes and syllabi
  • Resumes
  • Practice pages created in Microsoft FrontPage
  • ASP applications

To publish to this server you will need:

  • Publishing is done via FrontPage or web folders (ftp access is not available)
  • When prompted for your user name and password you will use one of the supported login formats based on your version of Microsoft Windows:
    • Windows XP Professional "your e-ID@jmu.edu" or "JMUAD\your e-ID" and your e-ID password.
    • Windows 2000 Professional and older versions "JMUAD\your e-ID" and your e-ID password.

Also depending on the version of Windows or the application you are using you may even see two different styles of login boxes. 

o         Style #1 has only "Username" and "Password" fields, based on your version of Windows as in the above indicated login formats.

o         Style #2 has a "User name", "Password," and Domain fields.  This style login box permits inputting your e-ID in the "User Name" field and the JMUAD in the "Domain" field.

Additional information can be found in the web publishing resources guide.


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